June 21 - 30

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TEAM SOCIAL IS BACK! Update live now

We hear you and want to be as responsive as possible with our community so we have added Team Social back. Also,our top priority is to get games quickly. We temporarily removed TDM/FFA to make sure you all get games quickly but plan to add them back. Thank you for your feedback and patience! All gamemodes are still playable in custom games.
Patch Notes - Version 1.0.6 - 6/9/2019 Online - Added Team Social back, temporarily removed ranked TDM and FFA playlists Bug Fixes - Fixed Bug where ragdoll in…

We hear you! Stop by our stream to share your thoughts!

Our top priority is for everyone to get games quickly. We are are considering reducing to 2 playlists temporarily, 1 ranked and 1 social. A voting system will also be added in the next few updates.
Stop by our stream to share your thoughts!

Patch Notes - Version 1.0.4 - 6/6/2019

Maps - Doubled number of spawn locations on all maps - Outpost optimizations - Pantheon optimizations - Added Out of Bounds Zones to SAW Stadium - Replaced rocket launcher with railgun on Atlantis - Fixed scoreboard issue on Atlantis Gameplay - Anti-cheat improvements - Fixed issue with frame drops on other player spawns Weapons - Shotgun now uses a fixed spread pattern (Goodbye RNG!) - AR spread no longer decreases while zoomed Game Modes - Decreased score limit of DOM to 700 - DOM and KOTH hill…

Patch Notes 5-28-2019

Patch Notes - Version 1.0.3 - 5/28/2019 Maps - Fixed a performance issue on Pantheon causing large frame drops Gameplay - Decreased time before health starts recharging from 5 seconds to 4 seconds - Anti-cheat improvements Weapons - Plasma Rifle Buff: Increased speed of plasma rifle projectiles by 6% - Fixed a major bug with the plasma rifle that caused projectiles collisions not to register Skins - GFuel/TFuel skin fixes Game Modes - Increased score limits of CTF to 5, DOM to 750, and KOTH to 250 -…

Patch Notes 5-25-2019

Patch Notes - 5-25-2019 This patch fixed all the most recurring crashes that players went through on Day 1 as well as improves the stability of matchmaking and game servers: - Fixed crash caused by pre-game UI - Fixed crash with pre-game players line up - Fixed crash with party members voice related features - Fixed multiple crash related to VOIP - Fixed issues with people getting kicked from games - Fixed issue with people not joining games - Fixed a couple of server…

Splitgate: Arena Warfare has officially launched!

https://youtu.be/BfhTTsotCug Thank you to our fantastic community members who have made all this possible. It has been a fantastic ride and we are only just beginning. We could not have done this without you all. Thank you for helping make our dreams come true.
If you want to further support the Splitgate developers, please consider purchasing the Founder's Edition. It comes with some SWAG cosmetics!
See you in the arena!

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