1.5.0 - Patch Notes - 11/20


Game Modes
- New Game Mode: VIP - Available to play in Social and Custom Games
+ One player from each team is designated as the VIP.
+ The goal in this game mode is to protect your VIP, while fragging the enemy VIP.
+ The twist is that only the VIP can use portals!
- Reduced match length to 8 minutes
- Capture the Flag: Reduced score limit to 3
- Domination: Reduced score limit to 500
- Replaced SAW Stadium with Outpost in ranked CTF map pool
- Fixed incorrect FFA placement when ties were present

- Introducing the Event Center - Home to game news and daily check-in rewards
+ Daily Check-In Rewards
+ Daily Check-In features a week of rewards varying between XP Bonuses, Double XP and Disco Balls
+ Check in every day of the week to receive all the rewards
+ If you missed a day, you can still receive the missed rewards for 50 Disco Balls
+ Rewards reset every week
- Added ability to toggle viewing locked items in the locker
- Text Chat Muting - If you mute a player in game, it will mute both their voice and text chat
- Moved Reward Notifications to Main Menu
- Adding Challenge Complete notifications
- Showing names as greyed out when people quit rather than removing
- Fixed bug where enemy health remaining would incorrectly show as 0 sometimes on killed by banner
- Several Quality of Life UI improvements and bug fixes

- Sniper Body damage decreased from 70 to 65
- Removed Sniper no-scope inaccuracy and made sniper no-scope bullet radius smaller
- Rocket speed increased from 4000 to 5000
- Rocket damage falloff reduced from 1 to .72
- Rocket explosion radius reduced from 500 to 350
- Fixed bug where rocket explosion would do half damage to self instead of full damage

- Several Collision and Map Glitch fixes on Highwind, Atlantis, Olympus, Pantheon, and Helix
Voice Chat
- Voice Chat bug fixes and stability improvements

- AI Improvements
- Fixed bug where weapon pickups could become desynced on server/client when a portal was placed under them
- Fixed bug where weapon pickups couldn’t be picked up sometimes
- Fixed rare bug where the BFB wouldn’t kill the enemy in one hit
- Fixed bug where teabags didn’t register near portals
- Fixed desync issue with rockets that could result in an explosion near an enemy without applying damage

- Fixed bug where enemy weapon audio would sometimes play from the wrong location

- Decreased the size of the Game by 10 GB
- Upgraded Unreal Engine to the latest version which includes performance and stability improvements

- NOTE: This update is a relatively large update due to the upgraded version and the reduction of size
- Fixed stuttering issues with videos (intro and tutorial)
- Fixed issues with Railgun visual effects on lower graphics quality settings
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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