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1.6.0 - Patch Notes - 12/24/2019


Patch Notes


* NEW CHRISTMAS WEAPON SKINS - Available for a limited time, grab them in the store for only 500 Disco Balls!
* Removed several skins from being unlocked through SAW Packs

Game Modes

* VIP Overhaul
* The VIP can no longer spawn portals, but everyone else can. Defend your VIP at all costs!
* VIPs have double the health
* Reduced score limit from 15 to 10


* Ranked Matchmaking has been adjusted to expand the range to play with any rank if you have been waiting for more than 5 minutes. (Increased the rank XP level requirement to 25 so that this only affects experienced players)


* Hit Detection / Netcode Improvements
* Controller Sensitivity and Aim Assist improvements
* Performance Improvements

Event Center

* Improved Daily Play Streak UI
* You can now repair your Daily Play Streak for 50 Disco Balls if you missed a day


* Added brand new Daily Challenges that are easier to achieve
* Removed SAW Pack reward from daily challenges
* Weekly/Weapon Challenges are locked until XP Level 10


* Removed Plasma Rifle from Silo


* Battle Rifle: (Buff) Decreased time between each bullet in a burst from .05 to .045 seconds


* In-Game HUD Enhancements
* Adding Kill Stack to show your recent kills + assists and how much damage you dealt.
* Improvements to Medals UI
* Added More Medals (First Blood, King Slayer, Revenge, and more!)
* Added Game Mode Description UI to pregame screen
* Added Tips to Loading Screen


* Settings will be auto calibrated on first launch of the game (only applicable to new users)
* Improved chat profanity filter
* Fixed bug where game wouldn’t end if all players from the enemy team quit
* AI Improvements
* Fixed a crash when emoting at the menu/lobby
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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