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1.7.0 - Patch Notes



    [*]All Maps have been overhauled with a variety of visual updates
    [*]Several collision fixes on all maps
    [*]Optimizations for all maps

Game Modes

    [*] Capture the Flag respawn time increased from 8 → 10 seconds
    [*] Fixed bug where Flag would sometimes not be able to be picked up
    [*] Reverted Oddball: Ball allowed to teleport and spawning portals with ball enabled
    [*] Fixed Bug in VIP where VIP could spawn portals


    [*] Added logic to matchmaker to create 3v3 games if ranked queue times get too long


    [*] Major Optimization Pass - A variety of CPU and GPU optimizations that will help maximize FPS


    [*]Controller Presets - Added a variety of controller button layouts that are selectable in settings
    [*]Implemented Tap to Reload, Hold to Pickup for action button


    [*] Main Menu UI Controller Support (Beta) - Can now navigate through the entire main menu using a controller
    [*] Main Menu UI Style Updates + Improvements
    [*] Adding Option to hide Sprint Crosshair
    [*] Adding “None” option as a custom Crosshair


    [*] Auto Repair for Easy Anti-Cheat - If Easy Anti-Cheat gets corrupted, the game will detect and automatically repair it
    [*] Decreased voting time to 20 sec
    [*] Fixed issues where you joined voting screen with 2 seconds left
    [*] Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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