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1.8.0 Patch Notes



* Best Available - Adding option to queue matchmaking and search for best game available, this will place you in either a social or competitive game
* Auto Requeueing - The game will automatically requeue you into the playlist you previously searched for 20 sec after you complete an online match
* Matchmaking now cancels if you leave a Waiting Area for the Main Menu


* New Post Game Flow
* After a game is completed, players will see a new Post Game UI screen, which will contain various stats with medals to indicate how you did compared to the other players on your team
* Players will then be auto queued into another match
* Fixed bug where plasma rifle wouldn’t cooldown if you fired or closed a portal after it overheated
* Fixed bug where portal/suicide kills didn’t play kill sound or show damage done
* Fixed bug where unlinked portals would sometimes keep flashing and playing audio
* Audio Optimizations


* Lobby Map Overhaul


* New Post Game UI (see above)
* Adding ability to view previous Match Stats from the Lobby
* Voting Menu and Custom Game Menu Style Updates
* Voting Menu and Custom Game Menu Controller Support
* Fixed bug where Domination Indicators wouldn’t appear if you join a game in progress
* Fixed bug where players in Waiting Area would appear as your teammate
* Fixed bug where some players couldn’t equip anything in their locker
* Fixed bug where kill/assist message would sometimes show 0 damage done


* Fixed issue where Ragdolls wouldn’t play when spectating in First Person


* Fixed bug where you could clone yourself if you restarted a race while dead


* Fixed a bug where people would sometimes get kicked to main menu when going from Voting to Game Map
* Improved visual quality when using low post-processing
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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