1.9.0 Update - Higher Level Cap, New Bunny Hop Armor, and MORE!



* New Easter Skin available in the Item Shop - Bunny Hop Armor + Jetpack

Game Modes

* Capture the Flag Revamp
* Players can now sprint and portal with the flag
* After a capture, flag will take 5 seconds to respawn
* Certain portal walls on each map are disabled in CTF
* Score Limit increased to 5


* AR dmg increase: 9→8 bullets to kill
* Pistol: removed damage drop off
* Shotgun: tighter/more consistent spread
* Sniper: zoom amount slightly reduced and scope less dark on edges
* Plasma rifle: projectile size increased 50→ 60cm radius
* Battle rifle: quicker burst. .045→ .04 seconds in between each bullet fired for a given burst


* Adding inactivity checks
* If you are inactive for 2 minutes, you will be kicked from the game to the main menu
* If you are inactive in the post game lobby, you will not be requeued
* Increasing XP Level Cap to 1000
* SAW Pack reward every 10 levels


* Pause Menu Style Upgrade + Controller Support
* Race Menu Style Upgrade + Controller Support


* Fixed an issues where players would see a black screen when trying to load Tutorial Videos
* Fixed an issue where there was a glow effect in the middle of the map
* Other minor bug fixes and improvements

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