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highly competitive but also light hearted group NA (East)


My experience has been a positive one, making friends being positive and pushing myself to try and be the best, Been a halo fan since I was in the single digits, and am still a halo fan, so this game immediately caught my attention, ive been playing ranked on it since release and have been rising up the ranks with relative ease, while I usually play free for all, I am 100% open to playing TDM, I have a vast experience in team games too as I play Squad and Rainbow Six (my height being gold 1, and im gold 4 as of now, high possibility of pushing into plat this season.) I like to be serious in ranked but also know when to throw out a joke or some banter to keep everyone relaxed, because I understand that a team that is comfortable together also succeeds together (currently have around a 2.0 KD and a 2.5 KAD. I know ill be hearing from you soon, have a good day.

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